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cropUP is a unique initiative that is being built around innovative solutions targeting the agrifood and forestry sector. It gathers a community of entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, investors, corporates and other organisations with the aim of implementing the cropUP program and contributing to the agrifood and forestry technology revolution worldwide.



With the cropUP program entrepreneurs and startups that develop innovative products and services for the agrifood and forestry sector have the opportunity to boost their businesses.

This program gives exclusive access to the agrifood and forestry R&D and industry, contact with investors, support in the internationalisation process, among others. Startups can also have a working space at INOVISA’s headquarters, in Lisbon.

The cropUP program will boost you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur that wants to develop innovative products and services for the agrifood or forestry sector

  • You have a startup that develops innovative products and services for the agrifood or forestry sector


Despite the stage of your startup you will benefit from the program by having a tailored support depending on your needs.


Online applications will be open for one month.

Applications selection and interview

In a first stage applications will be evaluated by INOVISA and then a pre-selection group of startups will be invited for a Skype interview. After this interview, 10-15 startups will be selected to join the program.

Beginning of the program
Needs assessment session

One-to-one meeting to design a tailored roadmap that responds to the startup’ needs

cropUP weeks

Every two months and during one week, community activities will take place, from LLP sessions, webinars, and informal networking events at INOVISA’s headquarters.

B2B Meetings

During the entire program startups will have the opportunity to meet with several entities such as potential users/clients, mentors, partners, investors, peers, etc.

Annual cropUP event

Once a year all the community will be gathered in a unique event with a startup showcase, networking activities and media coverage.

End of the program*

* The program has the duration of one year. However the support can continue for a period of three years (max).


The working spaces and shared facilities

that we offer you are in the heart of


Considering the following topics and having in mind your needs,
your participation in the program will be tailored/customised

Assessment of your incubation

and business support needs

Selected access to the scientific

community and industry

Support in your internationalisation


Support in the marketing and communication of your activities

Support in the development of

applications for incentive programes

Advice and legal support


Support in the design and validation

of your business model

Contact with investors and

financial institutions

Support in the design of your products,

services and communication strategy

Access to training

(soft skills, hard skills, ...)

Information and access to

events relevant for startups

Support for the protection and valorisation of your intellectual property rights



"Recognised as the ideal place for the establishment of agribusiness entrepreneurs in Portugal."

—  Daniel Murta, EntoGreen


access to activities


shared facilities

from €75/month



access to activities


shared facilities


working space

from €150/month


The applications are now closed.